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Corporate services

All businesses are looking for opportunities to contain costs. It does not matter whether your business is large or small – one thing is certain – improving the well-being of your staff will advance output and improve overall performance.


A certain degree of stress can be beneficial to staff motivation. Often, factors affecting one’s personal and/or professional life can lead to abnormal stress levels, which in turn can affect productivity level and contribute to a disadvantageous work environment.

Hypnosis can be combined with other training strategies to improve stress management skills, helping employees to acquire lasting coping strategies. Hypnosis can also help your employees eliminate negative coping mechanisms like drugs and alcohol.

The Benefits of using hypnosis

Hypnosis provides a strong and effective tool for enhancing employee motivation and productivity by combating excessive stress.

Specific areas of development include:

  • Goal achievement

  • Meeting deadlines

  • Effective decision-making

  • Improved self esteem

  • Confidence

  • Improved presentation skills

  • Enhanced management skills

  • Effective communication

Format of group sessions

The hypnosis sessions can be undertaken either in the workplace or at an external location.

Sessions are arranged for small groups of up to ten employees.

The sessions include the following:

  • Consultation and discussion

  • Demonstration

  • Group activities

Support material is provided and arrangements can be made to treat staff members on an individual basis if necessary.


The sessions are charged at an hourly rate of £95 per hour. 

Minimum session is three hours.

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