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Whether you’re seeking out hypnotherapy to lose weight, improve your self esteem, stop gambling or a number of other issues, the first stage of the process is the consultation. After finding out your goals and what is preventing you from achieving them, the hypnosis session will begin, where you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation. Unlike in the movies where you might see hypnotised people do peculiar things, as if possessed by a supernatural force, clinical hypnosis is actually very gentle and you will still remain control of your conscious faculties. During the session, your subconscious mind will be more receptive to change, and with subtle suggestions, positive long-term behaviour changes can be implemented.

If you’ve ever read the best-selling book Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight by master hypnotist and NLP practitioner Paul Mckenna, you will know that hypnotherapy can be very effective at helping people to quit smoking. One of the ways that this can be accomplished is by changing the positive associations that a person has with smoking into negative ones. For instance, a person may relish the nicotine rush when inhaling a cigarette and may have certain environmental triggers for the habit, such as when they have dinner in the evening they may also associate that with a cigarette.

During hypnosis, these positive associations can be diminished, and instead, negative associations such as the health problems and unpleasant odours can be amplified in the subconscious mind. Without having to exert extreme amounts of conscious willpower to quit smoking, you will automatically find that cigarettes just aren’t appealing any-more – in fact, they’re probably quite repulsive to you now!

Hypnotherapy can also be effective in combating more general problems such as poor self esteem. For adults with poor self worth or a negative self image, you probably came to this point after a series of events – none of us are born with a lack of confidence, just look at how assertive small children are (incidentally, children love hypnosis and are excellent responders due to their powerful imaginations)!

Unfortunately, as we grow up, we have our fair share of emotional bumps and bruises which can have a cumulative impact on our self esteem. For these kinds of issues, regression therapy is incredibly powerful in locating traumatic events in our past and then diminishing the emotional leverage they have over our present life. After regression therapy, you may literally feel as if a weight has been lifted, because it has – in your subconscious mind. It’s amazing to know that deep seated issues which have plagued you for years can be completely released in only a few short hypnotherapy sessions. In fact, it was never the event that was the problem in the first place, it was your emotional attachment to the event which is problematic, and this can be completely removed during hypnosis.

Because hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool for change, many athletes use it to increase their performance in their chosen sport. Whether you’re looking to increase your badminton skills to beat your friends from the office or are a professional athlete looking to achieve world glory, hypnotherapy can definitely be of use. Visualisation techniques can be used to manipulate the brain into thinking that you’ve already attained a positive outcome before you step on the field, while regression techniques may be used if you have had negative performances in the past which keep coming back to haunt you. Many champion athletes powerfully envision their success way before it happens, and you can use the same principles for your own ambitions, regardless of how big or small they are!

If you feel that hypnotherapy could be the right treatment for you, or if you’ve tried other treatments and have had no luck in curing your problem, please get in contact to book an appointment. My practice is located in East Grinstead, Sussex, and I’m available for both weekday and evening appointments. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Clinic address

The Cornmill Complementary Health Centre,
Judges Close, High Street,
East Grinstead,
West Sussex RH19 3AA

reception: 01342 301 085


£60 – 60 minute hypnotherapy consultation and treatment (includes a CD copy of your hypnotherapy session)

Quit smoking packages
£110 – 2 sessions and CD recording of your hypnotherapy sessions
All fees can be paid with cash, cheque or credit card

Hypnoslimmer package
£370 – 5 sessions, including a personalised CD of your sessions and the hypnotic gastric band (price independent of location).
All fees can be paid with cash, cheque or credit card


If you are unable to keep your appointment it is essential that you cancel your appointment in good time so I can offer your place to another client. I reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for clients who cancel within 24 hours of the appointment.

Disclaimer: with all hypnotherapy, results and the number of sessions required may vary from individual to individual.

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