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HIV issues

Fear of Contracting HIV

An irrational fear of contracting the HIV virus can overtake your life. Some people who are not at risk of contracting HIV live with an overwhelming fear of becoming HIV positive. Hypnosis can help.

Some people fear contracting HIV, to a point wherein even a negative test result isnít sufficient to satisfy the individual that he/she is not infected. Hypnosis can help.

Case History

A young woman, engaged to be married, was worried she had contracted HIV from engaging in non-penetrative sexual activity with a stranger. She had become convinced she was infected with HIV, and as a result could no longer perform her job effectively. Counselling was given to reassure her that the event did not put her at risk of contracting HIV and that her main problem was guilt. Hypnosis was then used to resolve this issue of guilt and rebuild her confidence.

How Hypnosis Can Help

  • Eliminate fear

  • Reduce feelings of guilt

  • Relieve anxiety

  • Overcome excessive worry

  • Gain confidence

Techniques Used

Advice and counselling play a major role in eliminating HIV anxiety. It is important to be informed of the true risk factors of contracting HIV. Deep relaxation and confidence building hypnosis techniques are used to effectively treat fear of HIV.

Typical Duration of Therapy

Four sessions over a three-month period, along with the use of the provided CD are usually sufficient. It is important that HIV testing takes place at the appropriate time to ensure unequivocal results.

Treatment for HIV+ Individuals

Discovering you have contracted the HIV virus, and living with the condition might make you anxious, stressed, or depressed. HIV positive individuals require non-judgmental support to help them adjust to their health status. Hypnosis can help.

  • Relieve anxiety

  • Gain confidence

  • Develop coping strategies

  • Manage side effects of medication

Techniques Used

Confidence building techniques are used to help the patient take control of an often stressful situation.

Typical Duration of Therapy

Hypnotherapy results to treat the psychological issues related to being HIV positive are encouraging, but it can take regular sessions over several months to fully rebuild the patientís confidence.

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