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Cockroaches: why are you afraid of the little creatures?

Cockroaches have little to no chance of harming humans so why do they elicit such a strong reaction in people? read more »

Are You Afraid of Dogs? Hypnotherapy Can Help You

How hypnotherapy can be used to help combat an irrational fear of dogs. read more »

Gaining perspective on the past

How hypnotherapy can help you move on from bad experiences. read more »

Gaining weight with hypnosis

For those battling with eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorder, breaking down the psychological barriers that stand in the way of gaining weight can be extremely important. read more »

Hypnotherapy and hair loss

Male pattern baldness is a condition that affects millions of men worldwide. read more »

Become lucky in love: dating and hypnosis

The quest to find that special person can often be littered with disappointment, embarrassment and periods of loneliness. read more »

Do men care less about their weight?

A study of 10,000 individuals demonstrated that 68% of men in their 40s were overweight or obese. read more »

Variety in your diet

Can boredom be a new slimming aid? read more »

Things you have forgotten

Your unconscious mind remembers almost everything, and hypnotherapy can help to unlock it. read more »

Hypnotherapy and the law of attraction

There is an increasing number of individuals who look to hypnotherapy or hypnosis to attain goals in life such as money or successful careers. read more »

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