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What is problem gambling?

For an estimated 450,000 people in the UK, problem gambling is a serious affliction with far reaching consequences. read more »

Too fat for your pony!

You might think the press could not make room for another equine story following the horsemeat saga but you would be wrong. read more »

Desperate to stop smoking

One of the most effective natural ways of quitting is through hypnotherapy. read more »

Variety in your diet

Can boredom be a new slimming aid? read more »

Things you have forgotten

Your unconscious mind remembers almost everything, and hypnotherapy can help to unlock it. read more »

Old habits dying hard!

Just how hard is it to break old habits? read more »

Bread and pasta get the blame

Crash dieting is not the answer to losing weight. read more »

Weight management - regular meals

Regular mealtimes used to be a normal part of life for almost everyone - and they should be still. read more »

Disclaimer: with all hypnotherapy, results and the number of sessions required may vary from individual to individual.

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