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Tackling childhood obesity: hypnosis for children

Child hypnosis can be helpful in reducing cravings for sugary and processed foods. read more »

Schoolboy conquers fear of flying with hypnosis

Itís suggested that approximately 40% of us suffer from mild to large aviophobia. read more »

What is problem gambling?

For an estimated 450,000 people in the UK, problem gambling is a serious affliction with far reaching consequences. read more »

What is social anxiety disorder?

It's totally normal to feel a bit of anxiety in the lead up to a big event, such as giving an important speech read more »

Pulling the plug on internet addiction

Unlike with addiction to drugs and alcohol, abstaining entirely from technology may not be the most appropriate solution. read more »

Old habits dying hard!

Just how hard is it to break old habits? read more »

Using hypnosis to maintain healthy relationships

Being in a healthy, loving relationship is one of the most fulfilling experiences we can have as human beings. read more »

Overcoming stage fright

The irrational fear of messing up during live performance can be absolutely nerve-wracking. read more »

Studies show hypnosis helps with pre-surgery nerves

Will hypnosis help with pre-surgery nerves? - the answer is a resounding yes! read more »

Visualisation: the tool of champions

All the technical prowess and physical ability in the world are not enough to overcome a poor mindset, and this is shown in professional sports matches worldwide. read more »

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