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Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome with hypnotherapy

How hypnotherapy can be used to combat Irritable Bowel Syndrome. read more »

Bread and pasta get the blame

Crash dieting is not the answer to losing weight. read more »

Common barriers that prevent you from losing weight

Here are some of the common barriers that people face when trying to slim down, all of which can be conquered with hypnotherapy: read more »

Weight management - regular meals

Regular mealtimes used to be a normal part of life for almost everyone - and they should be still. read more »

Why bother with hypnotherapy?

Many people are not seeking hypnotherapy treatment even though it can surely help them! read more »

Lung cancer soaring for women

The amount of women being diagnosed with lung cancer over the past few decades has been steadily rising. This is a worrying trend. read more »

Workplace blues and career anxiety #1

Here are some of the common issues people experience in relation to their career, and how these can be combated with hypnotherapy. read more »

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