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It's okay to admit you need help

when our problems are psychological, embarrassing or both, we are much more likely to suffer in silence than seek a reasonable solution. read more »

Stop seeing red: hypnotherapy and anger management

Occasionally life can get the better of us, and despite our best intentions we see start to see red and fly off the handle! read more »

Become an expert by breaking through plateaus

Plateaus can serve as major deterrents to anyone looking to become an expert in their chosen discipline. read more »

Workplace blues and career anxiety #2

The workplace is a microcosm of society in regards to how it reflects certain parameters used to define acceptable behaviour. read more »

Using hypnosis to cope with cancer

Hypnotherapy is known to be highly effective in helping people to overcome a plethora of psychological problems, allowing them to live life to the fullest. read more »

Coping with chronic loneliness

Chronic loneliness can have a severe impact on both your mental and physical health. read more »

Cultivating assertiveness to get what you want out of life

Assertiveness is not only a skill you can learn externally, but it is also a character trait that will help you to get what you want out of life. read more »

Dealing with difficult people

Coming into contact with people who cause us grief is an expected part of life that everyone goes through. read more »

Emotional Freedom Technique: the power of tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of psychological acupuncture. read more »

Empowering your parenting skills with hypnotherapy

How hypnotherapy can help to empower your parenting skills and get you through the tough moments. read more »

Cockroaches: why are you afraid of the little creatures?

Cockroaches have little to no chance of harming humans so why do they elicit such a strong reaction in people? read more »

Are You Afraid of Dogs? Hypnotherapy Can Help You

How hypnotherapy can be used to help combat an irrational fear of dogs. read more »

Gaining perspective on the past

How hypnotherapy can help you move on from bad experiences. read more »

Gaining weight with hypnosis

For those battling with eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorder, breaking down the psychological barriers that stand in the way of gaining weight can be extremely important. read more »

Hypnotherapy and hair loss

Male pattern baldness is a condition that affects millions of men worldwide. read more »

Become lucky in love: dating and hypnosis

The quest to find that special person can often be littered with disappointment, embarrassment and periods of loneliness. read more »

Do men care less about their weight?

A study of 10,000 individuals demonstrated that 68% of men in their 40s were overweight or obese. read more »

Variety in your diet

Can boredom be a new slimming aid? read more »

Things you have forgotten

Your unconscious mind remembers almost everything, and hypnotherapy can help to unlock it. read more »

Hypnotherapy and the law of attraction

There is an increasing number of individuals who look to hypnotherapy or hypnosis to attain goals in life such as money or successful careers. read more »

Tackling childhood obesity: hypnosis for children

Child hypnosis can be helpful in reducing cravings for sugary and processed foods. read more »

Schoolboy conquers fear of flying with hypnosis

Itís suggested that approximately 40% of us suffer from mild to large aviophobia. read more »

What is problem gambling?

For an estimated 450,000 people in the UK, problem gambling is a serious affliction with far reaching consequences. read more »

What is social anxiety disorder?

It's totally normal to feel a bit of anxiety in the lead up to a big event, such as giving an important speech read more »

Pulling the plug on internet addiction

Unlike with addiction to drugs and alcohol, abstaining entirely from technology may not be the most appropriate solution. read more »

Old habits dying hard!

Just how hard is it to break old habits? read more »

Using hypnosis to maintain healthy relationships

Being in a healthy, loving relationship is one of the most fulfilling experiences we can have as human beings. read more »

Overcoming stage fright

The irrational fear of messing up during live performance can be absolutely nerve-wracking. read more »

Studies show hypnosis helps with pre-surgery nerves

Will hypnosis help with pre-surgery nerves? - the answer is a resounding yes! read more »

Visualisation: the tool of champions

All the technical prowess and physical ability in the world are not enough to overcome a poor mindset, and this is shown in professional sports matches worldwide. read more »

Stop procrastinating on the internet

Oftentimes, itís easy to procrastinate when we are faced with tasks that are not particularly enjoyable or are outright boring, despite the fact they are essential to complete. read more »

Desperate to stop smoking

One of the most effective natural ways of quitting is through hypnotherapy. read more »

The multiple benefits of hypnotherapy

Why is it that hypnotherapy is able to help people to achieve remarkable results with many different issues? read more »

The future of hypnotherapy as a treatment for depression

According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, one in five people will experience depression at some point in their lives. read more »

Too fat for your pony!

You might think the press could not make room for another equine story following the horsemeat saga but you would be wrong. read more »

Top five benefits of hypnotherapy

There are a lot of benefits to be gained from hypnotherapy. Here are our top .5. read more »

Passing with flying colours - hypnotherapy and exams

Whether you're studying for your GCSEs, university finals or qualifications relating to your career, the period preceding exams can be full of worry and stress. read more »

Getting rid of Generalised Anxiety Disorder with hypnotherapy

Generalised Anxiety Disorder is a mental condition in which a person constantly feels worried, stressed and tense. read more »

Fighting hot flashes with hypnotherapy

If you suffer from hot flashes, hypnotherapy may be able to help. read more »

Treating insomnia with hypnotherapy

People who donít get enough sleep tend to become irritable and are more likely to struggle through their routines for the day. read more »

Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome with hypnotherapy

How hypnotherapy can be used to combat Irritable Bowel Syndrome. read more »

Bread and pasta get the blame

Crash dieting is not the answer to losing weight. read more »

Common barriers that prevent you from losing weight

Here are some of the common barriers that people face when trying to slim down, all of which can be conquered with hypnotherapy: read more »

Weight management - regular meals

Regular mealtimes used to be a normal part of life for almost everyone - and they should be still. read more »

Why bother with hypnotherapy?

Many people are not seeking hypnotherapy treatment even though it can surely help them! read more »

Lung cancer soaring for women

The amount of women being diagnosed with lung cancer over the past few decades has been steadily rising. This is a worrying trend. read more »

Workplace blues and career anxiety #1

Here are some of the common issues people experience in relation to their career, and how these can be combated with hypnotherapy. read more »

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