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Hypnotherapy and hair loss

11:44am, 06/05/14

BaldnessAs we touched on in a , male pattern baldness is a condition that affects millions of men worldwide. While some men are happy to go bald gracefully without letting hair loss have a detrimental effect on their lives, for a lot of men this experience can lead to severe emotional distress and identity issues – hence why the hair loss market is a multi-billion pound industry!

While itís common to put celebrities on a pedestal and think that they are emotionally invulnerable, even iconic bald actors such as Patrick Stewart arenít immune to the psychological problems that hair loss causes. Stewart, known for his leading roles in X-men and Star Trek, confessed to being deeply troubled when he started losing his hair as a teenager, even wearing a comb over for some time as an attempt to disguise it. Tennis superstar Andre Agassi also suffered from hair loss, admitting that worrying about his wig falling off made him lose the final of the 1990 French open!


Particularly for men who start to lose their hair at an early age like Patrick Stewart, hair loss can cause extreme feelings of isolation. While itís tough enough being a teenager with a full head of hair, experiencing hair loss at such an early age is especially difficult to deal with. Patrick Stewart admitted that when he first experienced hair loss as a teenager he believed that any possibilities of romance in his life would be forever gone! While this might be an extreme way to look at things, hair loss can have a detrimental effect on a personís self-confidence, which in turn can make them feel as if they are less entitled to date the kind of partner that they find most attractive. Hair loss can create a schism between a person’s self image and the image they see in the mirror, which can encourage them to try and disguise the problem like Andre Agassi on the tennis court. While wigs and similar cover-up products are marketed as ways to improve your confidence, using such a product can make you feel as if you are not being yourself in public, which can have an adverse effect on your self esteem!

Bad humour

Perhaps one of the reasons men are so desperate to reverse their hair loss is because they find themselves to be the targets of so many jokes – even Prince William isnít immune! While itís great to be able to laugh at your own expense and not take yourself too seriously, if you are insecure about your hair loss then the jokes from other people can be a lot more hurtful than funny. It can be extremely frustrating if you donít like being the target of jokes, because hair loss is not something you have any control over, yet it has the potential to dramatically alter your physical appearance.


While people arenít going to stop taking the mickey any time soon, hypnotherapy can help you to accept yourself the way you are so that the jokes are no longer harmful. If solutions such as hair transplants or drugs like propecia arenít for you (neither are definitive cures), then the only real choice you have is whether youíre going to accept yourself or not. Similar to Andre Agassi, many balding men find it liberating to shave what hair they have left, making baldness their own choice instead of one that was forced upon them. While hypnotherapy canít give you a full head of hair, it can be used to mitigate the psychological symptoms of hair loss, including: depression, low self worth, self image issues and more.

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