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Things you have forgotten

12:05am, 04/05/13

Forgotten the passwordRecently when undertaking an audit of my bookcase, I came across a book which I had absolutely no memory of buying and became really puzzled. When I showed it to my wife and asked, “Is this yours?” she also had no idea where it came from. It looked interesting and relevant but unfortunately the price tag had no bookshop name, so we were literally clueless. I was happy to simply accept the mystery of its origins but my wife could not let it rest. Going into Miss Marple mode, she started a list of possible places during holidays past where we could have bought it on visits to bookshops.

The unsettling experience of not being able to place something or find something that is lost can sometimes be resolved by going back and looking for clues which can be unearthed from the subconscious. This key hypnotic technique was something I felt the need to try as the constant questioning by my wife – “do you think we got it when we visited…?” – threatened to dominate what should have been a peaceful day off. The subconscious mind is capable of recalling virtually anything it desires to remember. The all important key word in the process, however, is desire. Whereas I had soon lost interest, my wife was like a terrier after a rat. Fortunately, hypnotherapy can be a very useful process for assessing memory.

I use such techniques with students who find that, when preparing for exams, they either believe they won’t remember anything when they sit in the exam room. Or that, no matter how hard they work, the facts don’t seem to go in, let alone be retained for any length of time. Such situations can result in severe examination-anxiety and without help may lead to the student withdrawing from the course of study altogether.

In relation to memory, forgetfulness can be reduced; names and dates can be remembered more readily; and lost items can be found. The subconscious mind knows everything that has happened and records it, so that it can be recalled at the specific time when it is needed. This includes material to be studied for exams.

The major factors which have an adverse effect on the learning process include low self esteem and lack of motivation. Hypnotherapy is traditionally used to build up those feelings which, once improved, memory and confidence are increased and learning is significantly enhanced.

Finally, I did manage to enjoy my day off as by systematically going back over things with my wife we did eventually remember the Norfolk bookshop where we purchased the book. Peace of mind was restored.

(Photo by nAok0)

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