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Hypnotherapy and the law of attraction

05:50am, 28/11/13

NebulaThere is an increasing number of individuals who look to hypnotherapy or hypnosis to attain goals in life such as money or successful careers. As we explain elsewhere on this site, hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which results in a deeply relaxed state with significantly enhanced concentration and focus. It is not mysticism or magic.

Using hypnotherapy to activate the law of attraction is not new. It is believed that the law of attraction is working all the time and the individual is attracting whatever they are getting (be it negative or positive), based on what they are thinking or the vibrations they are emitting into the universe. Hypnotherapy can help people to alter old ways of thinking and behaviours, to counter negative thoughts, and to conquer limiting beliefs regarding success and wealth, thus clearing the way to maximise the use of the law of attraction for positive benefits.

Many people live out their existence thinking that they cannot achieve a particular goal they desire. This is simply because they do not understand their potential to do things. It is likely that their mind is experiencing a block, which may have been established when they were young and heard negative comments about money. For example, a phrase like “filthy rich” implies that it is not good to be rich. Only until they learn to feel worthy and successful will grace start to pour in.

To realise success in the form of money or a lucrative career, one has to “persuade” their subconscious mind that their desired success is possible and can be reached. Some people are able to create the right mindset to reach their goals on their own, but there are other people who need help in this aspect. Hypnotherapy can help you to create the positive and affirmative thinking essential to reach your goals, in the same way that it can help people to quit smoking or lose weight.

In a session, the client can be helped to make a subconscious vision board to visualise wealth flowing into their mind effortlessly. The hypnotherapist can help to plant positive affirmations into their client’s subconscious mind to create a new way of thinking. The new beliefs that are continually held in the subconscious will help them to succeed and achieve their desires. In a study by Barbara L. Frederickson, it is shown that positive thoughts and emotions broaden thought-action repertoires and scope of attention.

Hypnotherapy can enable people to shift their thinking so that the law of attraction works to their best advantage.

For those who are not able to create positive thinking on their own, a hypnotherapist can be of assistance to guide them to reorient their thinking in order to attract what they want in life. To attract positivity, one must alter the way they think, which leads to changing the way they feel, which will eventually draw the things that they want to them. Like attracts like is the essence of the law of attraction.

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