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Stop procrastinating on the internet

07:17pm, 17/06/14

Laptop userProcrastination is the act of putting off or avoiding tasks that require our immediate attention. Oftentimes, itís easy to procrastinate when we are faced with tasks that are not particularly enjoyable or are outright boring, despite the fact they are essential to complete. In the digital era itís easier than ever to procrastinate, as we have a multitude of technological interfaces to turn to whenever we donít feel like doing our work! Whether itís a video games console, a mobile phone or an internet browser, we never have to look far to find distraction.

Procrastinating on the internet

Due to the fact that many of us work on our computers, itís incredibly easy to open a web browser and start surfing instead of completing our work. Likewise, checking your email again and again, gaming or gambling online, checking your social media accounts, and chatting on and on with friends on direct messenger are all ways we can avoid doing the unentertaining but important work that is necessary in life. Before the mass adoption of home computers, at least if we were alone in a room with our work there wouldnít be any immediate distractions, but now there are a million at the click of a button!

One of the ways to avoid procrastinating online is to fix the problem at its root, and remove yourself from your internet access when working. If you work at home, you may choose not to have the internet installed, allowing you to do all of your work on a computer and then upload it from a remote access point. While this may seem extreme, some people choose to live this way and report a significant increase in productivity because of it. Likewise, if there are certain websites that tend to draw your attention away from other tasks, make a resolve not to visit them until the evening or have them blocked by your broadband provider. However, removing yourself from the problem is not the solution for everyone. Instead, a psychological change has to be made.

Cover eyePleasure versus responsibility

One of the ways that hypnotherapy can help with procrastination issues is to associate positive emotions with getting our essential tasks accomplished, no matter how unenjoyable, boring, or mundane they are! With all the time we spend procrastinating, we could probably finish all the unpleasant tasks on our agenda and have far more time to do the things we really enjoy in life. Once you stop wrestling with your emotions and actually take the plunge to complete a task, youíll feel a lot better about yourself afterwards. Not only this, but being able to come to the task with a more mature and level-headed approach will probably make the work go quicker, and it might make it more enjoyable too!

If procrastinating is having a serious impact on your life and you would like to make a change to become a more productive, happier and emotionally balanced individual, please get in contact.

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