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Desperate to stop smoking

01:56pm, 23/06/13

Stop smokingHow desperate? The news magazine The Week reported on an American woman Etta Lopez, 34, who slapped a policeman as he was leaving work at the Sacramento County Jail. Later she admitted to doing this because she wanted to be sent to jail so she would not be able to smoke.

Well, she really was desperate to quit. There are easier ways of stopping smoking but it is down to a genuine desire to want to quit. The successful quitter has an internal motivation factor. Say your partner or even your children ask you to cease smoking this may have an influence but it is not normally sufficient for a successful outcome on its own. You have to really want to quit.

Having said that one of the most effective natural ways of quitting is through hypnotherapy because it helps take away the craving which other methods such as those only based on nicotine replacement do not necessarily achieve in the long term. Hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious mind and in that deep relaxed state, the mind is receptive to change; to help overcome cravings, to break the mental links with cigarettes such as that first one in the morning and having one with coffee or alcohol. As for those undermining excuses such as 'I need a cigarette to relax' or 'I need a break': these can be effectively broken with hypnotherapy.

I wish I had the opportunity of meeting and working with Etta Lopez before she slapped the policemen; she could have avoided the time in jail.

(Photo by Ducdigital)

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