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The multiple benefits of hypnotherapy

06:46am, 09/11/13

SleeplessnessWe’ve presented the multiple benefits of hypnotherapy elsewhere on this website and in blog posts on several particular issues. Why is it that hypnotherapy is able to help people to achieve remarkable results with many different issues? It is simply because the process reaches deep areas of a person that physical therapies are not able to reach. For example, hypnotherapy lets people remember things that they may have hidden from their conscious minds.

So let’s have a quick round up of what hypnotherapy can do for people and then we’ll return to individual issues in subsequent postings.

For starters, hypnotherapy can be used to treat addictions. It does not really matter what kind of addiction the patient has. The process can help rid the body of physical addictions, such as addiction to alcohol, smoking and drugs. It can help to break these addictions permanently so that patients do not relapse and get addicted again.

Hypnotherapy can also help patients lose weight. Research has shown that hypnotherapy is thirty percent more effective than dieting alone when it comes to losing weight. According to medical professionals, this method helps patients get rid of their psychological need for extra food. Because of this, they are able to lose excess weight and achieve a better physique.

It is commonly known that hypnotherapy greatly assists to reduce stress and promote relaxation in people. Serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, and obesity can be caused by stress, which is why hypnotherapy would be a good recommendation to patients who have these conditions. It can put the patients in a deep state of relaxation, so their body and mind can have the relaxation they really need.

Hypnotherapy can also help treat sleep disorders such as Insomnia, night terrors, sleepwalking, wakeful sleep, and difficulty in reaching the REM state when sleeping. It is very important to treat these sleep disorders as they can cause numerous health problems. Hypnotherapy is effective in treating the psychological issues that cause these sleep disorders. It can put the body in a relaxed state in order to rejuvenate it as well as the mind. Hypnotherapy can also be a supplement to other physical treatment that people with sleeping disorders need to help them sleep better.

In addition, hypnotherapy can help manage arthritis, migraine, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain. Patients who were not able to find relief from diet and drugs can turn to this method. Studies have shown that hypnotherapy can be an efficient way to manage pain. It is actually considered to be better than painkillers.

Those with childhood issues and irritable behaviour are also advised to undergo hypnotherapy. Through this method, they can replace ugly memories and issues with good ones. They will no longer feel bad whenever they remember uncomfortable events from their childhood. They can also get rid of poor behavioural patterns, so they will be able to act more appropriately. Hence, they will no longer be in a bad mood frequently, making them more pleasant to be around with.

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