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Why bother with hypnotherapy?

08:37pm, 09/09/14

SorrowDespite the fact that hypnotherapy has been proven to help with a range of problems, both psychological and physical, many people are not seeking this kind of treatment even though it can surely help them! For some people, the reason they donít undertake hypnotherapy is because they believe it to be a kooky and/or ineffectual treatment, but for others they have simply lost the belief that they can genuinely improve their lives or resolve their longstanding issues.

Often-times a person has been living with a problem for so long that they have come to treat it as a normal part of their life, even though it affects their confidence, undermines their self esteem and restricts their lifestyle choices! Instead of making the conscious decision to put their efforts into resolving the problem permanently, they instead come up with elaborate ways of working around the issue to make their lives more tolerable in the present and immediate future.


The human being is a creature of habit, both in terms of our thinking patterns and our outward behaviour. Often a destructive thinking pattern has been repeated so often that it becomes hard-wired into our neurology, making it easy to continue down the same path – indefinitely! This usually happens on a subconscious level, meaning we lack the awareness to figure out why we continue to behave in a way which is so obviously negative and self-sabotaging. Furthermore, this habitual behaviour is likely to create a sense of homeostasis in our lives where we continue to live in accordance with certain lifestyle choices, despite them being utterly destructive. One example of this is a person who wishes to lose weight but has made a habit of befriending unhealthy people, works a sedentary office job and gets home so late in the evening that a greasy takeaway is more appealing than cooking something nutritious!

Homeostasis also occurs when people think that a solution to their problem is impossible. If you suffer from social anxiety, have low self-esteem or have trouble attracting a partner, these issues can seem permanent and insurmountable. Perhaps youíve suffered from poor self-worth for so long that you think it would be impossible to be happy and confident, or you have negative past memories that you believe youíll never be able to come to terms with. The end result of such thinking is that you essentially give up on chasing the best possible outcome youíd want from life, and settle for something that is far less ideal, or even outright destructive!

Looking upward

Itís easy to get so consumed in our current negative circumstances that we forget to look upward and realise that a solution is actually possible. Even if youíre not convinced by the scientific evidence behind hypnotherapy, what have you got to lose? From curing irrational fears (such as the fear of flying) to alleviating the physical symptoms of chronic diseases, hypnotherapy has been proven to be successful time and time again. Even Hair-loss can be combated with hypnotherapy. Okay, hypnotherapy canít give you a full head of hair but it can definitely help to restore your confidence and self-belief! Life is too short to live with a condition that gets you down, no matter how good you are at working around it. If something is truly bothering you, suspend your beliefs about hypnotherapy and give it a try – it might just change your life.

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