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Workplace blues and career anxiety #1

11:00pm, 11/03/14

Pile of papersFor some of us, our career is deeply connected to our life purpose, providing us with the income we require to lead a comfortable lifestyle while enabling us to grow as a person with every challenge presented. Unfortunately, for many of us this does not ring true, and we find ourselves stuck in jobs where at best we feel we are cruising along in neutral and at worst makes us feel absolutely horrible. For better or worse, unless youíre feeling inclined to become a survivalist and live off the grid completely, a job is required for economic survival! So, if you have to spend the majority of your waking hours working (there are of course ways around this, such as becoming an entrepreneur), you might as well do your best to make the experience enjoyable! Here are some of the common issues people experience in relation to their career, and how these can be combated with hypnotherapy.

Emotionally toxic workplaces

The most emotionally profitable relationships are formed when two people make the conscious decision to include the other person in their lives. This decision is usually based on a variety of factors, such as: shared interests, alignment of values, good conversation, making each other laugh, etc. However, due to the necessity of economic survival, in the workplace we often find ourselves placed in close proximity with people who we normally would not associate with under other circumstances for extended periods of time. Doing your job means you have to maintain relationships with such people, despite the fact they have a negative effect on you emotionally.

Whether itís a co-worker constantly distracting you with inane conversations, a project that requires you to work overtime and cancel events in your private life, a pointless weekly company meeting or a compulsory social event where youíd rather be doing something else, maintaining a positive outlook in such situations is essential to ensure your psychological well being. Hypnotherapy can be used to stop you from becoming emotionally reactive when you find yourself in these situations, helping you to respond differently to the external stimuli that would normally make you stressed and anxious.

Sedentary lifestyle

One of the best ways to achieve a healthy mind is to have a healthy body. Yet it often seems that the office lifestyle is the absolute antithesis of physical well being Ė and despite all the health warnings about the sedentary lifestyle. Most people opt to drive instead of walk to work, where the next eight or so hours are spent hunched over a computer screen, and when we get home in the evening we are often so exhausted that the only plausible activity for us is sitting in front of the television! Not to mention, social events often involve unhealthy food; and when the majority of our day is taken up with work, itís always our inclination to take the fast rather than the healthy option when it comes to eating.

Fortunately, hypnotherapy can not only be used to tackle the urge to overeat, but it can also help to quell the temptations when your co-workers ask if you want to put some money down for a fast food order, or when chocolates are handed out at the office due to a special event.

Exhaustion is also one of the key reasons why office workers donít get enough physical exercise; itís difficult to find the time to work out in the morning before 9am, and after work youíre usually too tired to do so! Getting a good nightís sleep is essential for the body to recover when integrating physical exercise into your lifestyle, and this is where hypnotherapy can be of use. By conquering insomnia and other sleep related issues, hypnotherapy will allow you to get a better nightís sleep which means you will have more energy to go to the gym after work instead of just collapsing on the couch! Alternatively, hypnotherapy can be used to turn you into an early riser, enabling you to find the extra time required to complete a workout before your office day begins.

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