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It's okay to admit you need help

10:49pm, 22/04/14

LonelyLife presents us with plenty of obstacles and problems that need to be taken care of on a daily basis, from small to big. For instance, if our car stops working we would take it to the garage, if our pet becomes sick then we take it to the vet, if we get fired from our job we would urgently look for another one, and if our home gets damaged we would take the necessary steps to repair it. All of these problems and solutions are relatively commonplace in society. However, when the problem is psychological, embarrassing or both, we are much more likely to suffer in silence than seek a reasonable solution. For instance, approximately 2.3 million men in the UK suffer from erectile dysfunction, but only a minority seek out professional assistance.

Admitting you need help takes strength

Just because a problem doesnít have symptoms that are easily perceivable by other people doesnít mean it isnít detrimental to the quality of your life. As humans, it seems that we seek help on a problem based on how socially acceptable it is to seek help, regardless of the actual severity of the issue. Having an embarrassing or uncommon problem can often leave you feeling alone with no one to talk to, but the fact of the matter is, there are probably tonnes of others who have gone through the exact same issues as you. Men are arguably more resistant than women when it comes to seeking help for such problems, primarily because of the values imposed by society that they should be strong and be able to handle things by themselves. However, it takes real strength to admit when something is getting you down so that you can proactively seek to get the issue resolved.

Your uncommon issue isnít that uncommon!

For men in particular, sexual problems are not dealt with as they should be. Men often feel that if they have a problem in this area of their life, their entire sense of masculinity is threatened, therefore they do not seek out help because by admitting they have a problem they feel like less of a man. Hair-loss is another issue that causes immeasurable amounts of stress and internal conflict, as society bombards us with pictures of gorgeous models with flowing locks of hair and pokes fun at balding celebrities, while simultaneously suggesting that losing your hair is something you should accept and be at peace with! For many men experiencing hair loss, particularly those at a younger age, it can be utterly devastating, but for women who go through the same experience is even more isolating and upsetting. Even for problems like obesity, the number of people actively seeking help are in the minority because we donít want to admit that weíve been lazy and neglectful with our bodies.

Donít struggle alone

Ever heard that saying: ďA problem shared is a problem halvedĒ? Well, it isnít just a cliche – when we utilise the vast experience of doctors, counsellors, hypnotherapists and other specialists, we are far more likely to find a solution to our problems than when we turn inwards and try to not think about them. Donít struggle alone – if youíre going through an issue that affects your psychological wellbeing or is detrimental to the quality of your life then there is absolutely no shame in seeking out a qualified specialist.

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