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Are You Afraid of Dogs? Hypnotherapy Can Help You

12:50pm, 15/04/14

DogďHow can you be scared of this cute little puppy?Ē This a question that often comes from someone who doesnít understand what itís like to be afraid of dogs Ė yes, even the smallest and most harmless puppies can be intimidating! Whether through being bitten when you were a youngster or having witnessed a scary attack on someone by a dog, the fact is that being frightened by dogs is a condition that affects many of us.

Despite the phobia being somewhat irrational at times, itís nevertheless very real for the people who suffer from it. It canít be removed by simple logic. You may already be at the end of your tether, or you may be managing by adjusting your life to avoid encountering dogs. No matter the stage youíre at, hypnotherapy can help you get past your fear of dogs (as well as other animal phobias) and back to living your life to the fullest.

How common is this fear?

Many people who are afraid of dogs donít like talking about it, thinking that itís an irrational phobia that not many others share. However, this isnít the case at all. There are plenty of people who are terrified of animals, including Ďmanís best friendí. Cynophobia, as itís known, is very common. Donít feel that youíre alone Ė there are many others like you, and many of them have overcome their fears by turning to hypnotherapy.

How the fear affects you

The fear of dogs can seriously hamper your daily life Ė it can lead to having to alter your routine completely in some cases. The following are some of the scenarios in which you may be impacted by cynophobia:
- Fear of going for long walks in the countryside in case you come across a dog (which is highly likely in an outdoors environment!)
- Feeling restricted about visiting friends and family who own dogs as pets
- Being unable to relax while out and worrying that an unexpected visit from a dog will ruin your day

Hypnotherapy can help turn your life around

Hypnosis can help you deal with a range of fears you may have about dogs, including:
- The fear of barking and growling, seemingly in disapproval of your presence
- The fear of either you or your children being bitten
- Pets jumping up on you
- Panic attacks brought on by any of the above

The first step toward liberation from this phobia is by realising that you are ready to tackle the problem head on. You are strong enough – you simply need a channel that will help you face your irrational fears. You donít even need to know where your fears originated. While they could have been triggered by a traumatic childhood experience, immersive regression techniques are usually not required for dealing with animal phobia. Instead, a couple of light hypnotherapy sessions should be more than enough to cure you.

With just a few hypnotherapy sessions, youíll finally be able to go close to a dog or puppy without feeling the urge to run away. This inspiring newspaper story of a girl who overcame her crippling fear of dogs with the help of hypnotherapy is evidence of what can be achieved. Rebekah, who refused to leave home in case she would come across a dog, now owns a pup of her own.

While weíre not saying the ultimate aim is for you to purchase your own puppy, itís realistic to expect that youíll soon be able to be in the same space as a dog without trembling with fear.

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