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Become lucky in love: dating and hypnosis

07:17pm, 19/12/13

Romantic momentThe quest to find that special person can often be littered with disappointment, embarrassment and periods of loneliness. Whether itís the result of human nature or social conditioning, when it comes to the subject of attracting a potential partner, we seem to have a tendency to focus our efforts on improving our outer world rather than inner. In other words, we put all of our energy into signing up to online dating sites, purchasing outfits to complement our figure and thinking of ways we can impress a potential partner rather than undergoing significant internal growth to make us naturally more attractive.

So how can hypnosis help us become more lucky in love? If you’re struggling in this department, there are probably some underlying issues which can be addressed in order to help you become more 'self-actualised' and attract (rather than repel) the kind of partners that you’ve always dreamed about!

Previous experiences and future projections

If your dating history (or lack of) resembles a litany of let downs rather than a string of great memories, this negativity could be continuing to affect your current dating endeavours and those that youíll make in the future. If you’re used to associating dating with being let down, feeling unfulfilled, embarrassment or any other range of negative emotions, this will subconsciously sabotage your attempts to find a perfect partner by putting you in an unreceptive, closed off state of being before you even leave the house. Hypnosis can obliterate these unproductive behaviour patterns and have you start to associate going off on a date with feelings of excitement, joy and endless possibilities! (It can address other relationship issues that you may have.)

Scarcity or abundance?

Following on from this, your previous experiences may have left you in a position where you believe there is a severe shortage of potential partners out there for you. This can make dating seem like an arduous uphill struggle rather than an exciting adventure. Perhaps you had a previous relationship that was so special that you can never envisage yourself being that happy in the future with someone else.

In this case, hypnosis can radically alter your world view so that you start to believe that there is an abundant supply of attractive, intelligent, emotionally attentive potential partners out there just waiting to meet you. Once you make this internal shift your outer reality will start follow suit; you might even find yourself feeling compelled to move to a new area or take up a new hobby that you hadn’t previously considered. Whenever you engage in new experiences that align with your values and personality you’re much more likely to find people you connect with!

Confidence and self worth

Perhaps you don’t feel good about yourself and tend to self-sabotage your efforts because you believe yourself unworthy of love. No matter how negatively dis-empowering your life story has been up to this point, you always have the ability to turn it around and re-discover your childlike confidence and self worth. High self esteem is actually a default for human beings, but we tend to become disconnected from this highly confident emotionally centered state of being as we accumulate growing pains on our road to adulthood. Self esteem is like a flame that can never be truly smothered, only muted for a temporary period of time.

With powerful regression techniques, hypnosis can address your traumatised past and help you to rediscover your inherent confidence, and as we know, there’s nothing more attractive than a person who’s highly self confident (without being arrogant)!

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