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Old habits dying hard!

05:56pm, 16/04/13

SmokingOld habits do really die hard. A recent article in the Metro noted, in a report from the energy supplier EON, that 53% of the population donít like change Ė with the result that they stay in jobs they hate. 33% of us have the same hairstyle for life. 25% of us are too lazy and 20% donít have time to change habits. From this, it can be assumed that people can be extremely resistant to change even if it means saving money or improving health. However, hypnotherapy can help challenge this resistance.

One of the reasons why people just donít like change is a fear that somehow they will be different if, for example, they quit smoking or reduce weight or stop biting their nails. And frankly, some people simply assume they are too stuck with their bad habits to change. A fact, which may become evident, is that some negative issues bring secondary gains (or excuses as they used to be called) and for this reason people can be reluctant to let such Ďfamiliar friendsí go. Peer group pressure can be an obstacle to change. For example, you’re likely to continue smoking when you are part of a clique of gossipers who huddle together outside the back door at work, or to stop a binge drinking habit when it is part of the Friday night behaviour of a peer group who go to the pub after work. You might worry that your partner will not find a slender figure attractive because you met when you were fat.

A major wake up call can occur when you are confronted with the stark fact of a diagnosis of diabetes or high blood pressure or even a worse case scenario of a heart attack or stroke. The other shock may be just a frank look in the mirror. Or simply realising that your fitness has taken a nose dive and you are not able to be as active as you were in the past. These can all be powerful motivators for change. However, it is important to remember that the real key to successful change relates to your genuine desire to move on to a new life and give your life a lasting makeover.

The big question is how can this be achieved particularly for people who have tried something but not succeeded in the past, for example, long time diet failures? I find that using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in conjunction with hypnotherapy helps individuals realise what is their real motivation for making these all important lifestyle changes and thus dramatically enhancing the probability of a more successful outcome.

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