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Passing with flying colours - hypnotherapy and exams

06:07pm, 03/06/14

WritingWhether you’re studying for your GCSEs, university finals or qualifications relating to your career, the period preceding exams can be full of worry and stress. Problems can come in many forms, from struggling to find the focus to revise to having crippling anxiety relating to the exam itself. With enough foresight however, hypnotherapy can be used to allow you to gain control of the situation and pass the exam to the best of your abilities.

Fear of failure

Depending on your circumstances, your parents and teachers may have put an awful lot of pressure on you to pass your exams from an early age. The consequences of failure might represent an extremely visceral fear to you, as you may believe it to be a determinant factor in whether or not you achieve what you want out of life, particularly in your career. Ironically, the fear of failing exams is likely to negatively impact revision sessions and lead to panic attacks during the exam. The fear of potentially ruining a successful career coupled with the knowledge that youíd be letting your parents down by failing can create some truly unpleasant associations with sitting exams, particularly if you are still a teenager.

While preparing rigorously is obviously the key element to passing an exam, learning powerful relaxation techniques can help to keep the nerves at bay, both during the revision period and in the exam itself. Breathing deeply in a controlled fashion and relaxing your physiology will not only ensure that you feel more confident, but it will also lead to better memory recall, ensuring that you perform at your best. Thereís nothing worse then being unable to recall things that youíve learnt perfectly due to exam jitters, only to have the facts pop into your head after the exam!


Going back to the point about preparing rigorously – procrastination is the biggest threat to revising properly. While there are always more interesting things to do than revise for exams, such as partying with friends, playing video games, watching TV and so forth, itís important that you think of your actions in both the short and long term. In terms of immediate gratification, itís much more profitable to fire up the playstation instead of hitting the books. In the long run however, for your development as a person, the opposite is true. Hypnotherapy can help you to stop procrastinating, anchoring negative emotions to the short term activities that impede your studies, while anchoring positive emotions to revising. One of the ways of doing this might involve visualising the pleasures and accolades which are sure to come from your successful career, which can only occur if you pass a few exams in the immediate future.

Is hypnotherapy for me?

While hypnotherapy is not going to magically allow you to pass exams if you havenít put in the preparation work, it is certainly a powerful complementary treatment which will enable you to perform at the best of your abilities during and leading up to the exam. If you have exam anxiety, have trouble studying or have problems with memory recall, hypnotherapy can definitely help you. Hypnotherapy is also proven to work for children, albeit lighter techniques are usually implemented.

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