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Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome with hypnotherapy

01:00am, 29/03/14

Tummy troubleAs much as 30% of the world’s population have been afflicted by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) at one time or another. The majority of the IBS sufferers are women, although men are also susceptible to the condition. If you have suffered from IBS, then you would know about the inconvenience and pain that come with the condition. You may also have tried various types of diets and medications to no avail, thus feeling hopeless.

Not any more! Recent studies reveal that lasting relief from painful IBS symptoms is possible through gut-centered hypnosis.

The use of hypnotherapy as an effective IBS treatment began in 1985 when Dr Peter Whorwell, then working with the South Manchester University Hospital in the UK, was successful in using hypnosis to treat IBS for the first time ever. The process has come a long way since then, as the methods of treatment have been subsequently studied and refined. Hypnosis for IBS is now proven to achieve a very high success rate in most of the published IBS research reports.

Advantages of using hypnosis

The following are proven benefits of hypnotherapy for people who suffer from IBS:

- Hypnosis provides lasting relief from IBS.
- The treatment itself is both convenient and relaxing.
- It has a higher success rate than any other form of treatment, boasting an impressive success rate of 80% in chronic IBS cases.
- The relief from IBS remains for more than 5 years after the completion of the final hypnosis session.
- Hypnosis harnesses and optimises the individual’s own natural healing power.

Not a life-threatening condition

IBS is not a fatal disease, but due to the associated emotional and physical symptoms of the condition, it does have a significant impact on a sufferer’s quality of life. Thus, an affected individual may not be in the best shape to perform well at work or in school. One’s social life and personal relationships are likely to be adversely affected.

People who have never experienced IBS may not understand how the syndrome can have so much impact on one’s quality of life, and this lack of understanding from family and friends may lead to even more emotional stress on top of the physical difficulties that the sufferer is already experiencing.

To make matters worse, sufferers are oftentimes embarrassed and hesitant to talk about their symptoms with a doctor. Thus, they tend to try to find ways to treat and manage the symptoms on their own, only to realise in the end that all their efforts are for naught.

The truth about IBS

Here are some facts about IBS:

- To this day, no one can say for certain what causes the affliction. However, the factors that worsen or trigger the symptoms are known.
- Only 25% of IBS sufferers claim that their symptoms diminished using only IBS medications, but these are the same people who claim that they experienced only mild IBS symptoms.
- Diet plays an important role in managing the symptoms of IBS in the short term, but purely relying on diet alone can lead to an impractical lifestyle.

Final word

People who are currently suffering from IBS need not despair; neither should they lose hope. Studies have shown that IBS is treatable with hypnotherapy. Actually, it is not hypnosis per se, that can treat IBS symptoms. Rather, it is the skilled hypnotherapist’s use of a conventional medical approach in combination with a hypnosis protocol for IBS that will help control and provide relief for IBS for the long term.

(Photo by Helga Weber)

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