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Lung cancer soaring for women

03:55am, 16/01/14

Smoking addiction
The amount of women being diagnosed with lung cancer over the past few decades has been steadily rising. This is a worrying trend Ė in the past it was primarily the heavier smoking males whose death rates were reflected in the statistics. A number of reasons may be the cause of this. For instance, many women smoke in order to manage workplace stress; from a career standpoint itís certainly a lot more productive to have a cigarette rather than smash the glass ceiling in the office! Society may also be to blame; women are constantly under pressure to look slim so smoking becomes a way to control poor eating habits.

If you are a female smoker, you do need to seriously address your addiction which may be related to a number of issues, all of which can be explored in hypnotherapy. Undergoing a series of sessions with a qualified hypnotist can can help you to challenge any preconceived myths you might have and also provide you with a set of robust coping mechanisms for dealing with the pressures of work and home.

I find that women who come to see me are genuinely desperate to stop smoking, but they also have conflicting fears about putting on weight when they stop. Unfortunately there is evidence that this can happen; after you stop smoking food becomes more attractive and tastes better too. Also, nicotine does slightly increase the bodyís metabolism.

PizzaThis is why when I help women to quit smoking in hypnosis, I always suggest that the individual must eat more slowly, which helps reduce food intake and encourages them that they are in control of the food (the food is not in control of them)! This is similar to the way in which hypnosis allows people to feel a sense of control over stopping smoking, meaning that cigarettes are no longer able to diminish their willpower. The benefits of this two pronged approach produces a more successful outcome. The client feels that it is safe to stop smoking and they feel more confident because they have been reminded that they are taking back control of both the smoking habit and the tendency to overeat.

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