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More treatments

Specific information has been included here to give information on a range of issues that may be successfully treated by hypnosis. Please note that the details of the case histories, although based on my experiences with clients in practice, have been changed to ensure client confidentiality.

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Animal, insect and bird phobia
Make phobias about animals, insects and birds, a thing of the past.

Cancer Support
Discovering you have cancer is a frightening and often devastating experience, but fighting this condition and coping with its consequences donít have to be.

Children’s problems
Children love hypnosis and generally respond well.

Chronic pain
Under the guidance of GP or specialist relief can be achieved for chronic pain sufferers.

Dental phobia
Dental surgeons confirm that this type of phobia is common.

Exam anxiety
Relaxation and improved memory recall help to remove pre-exam nerves.

Fear of flying
Lifestyles can be transformed once this fear is put in perspective.

HIV issues
An overriding fear of contracting the HIV virus can be debilitating. Hypnosis can also be an effective tool in supporting an individual when an HIV positive test result is received.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
If this condition is diagnosed, after medical investigation, hypnotherapy can be very effective.

Needle phobia
Often dates back to a negative childhood experience of injections.

Panic attacks
Now part of every day life for some people. Hypnotherapy is very effective in preventing these attacks.

Performance anxiety
Stage fright, memory recall, confidence & public speaking can all be improved by hypnosis.

Pregnancy and childbirth
The different stages of pregnancy, including childbirth, can be easier when supported by hypnosis.

Hypnosis can be very helpful in helping to resolve relationship problems.

Sexual problems
Hypnosis provides a natural solution to many common sexual problems.

Sleep improvement
Difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep can be resolved by hypnotherapy in most cases.

Stopping smoking
The obvious choice for those who really want to stop.

Sport performance
Playing like the champions is the goal.

Stress management
Perhaps the most effective method for finding the root cause of stress issues.

Weight management
Providing motivation and determination to succeed is the key to successful weight loss. However, long term weight management can also be effectively achieved with hypnotherapy.

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