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Variety in your diet

10:58am, 22/06/13

Choc cup cakesCan boredom be a new slimming aid? A recent study at University of Buffalo and University of Vermont, cited in the Daily Mail, found that ‘reducing variety may be an important component of interventions for obesity’. The researchers gave women macaroni cheese as the same meal daily for a week and found the subjects reduced their food consumption by 100 calories but the same meal once a week increased calorie intake. Therefore too much variety might be a factor.

But hang on there, you might say: if you eat fish, chips and coke every day, would it be the same? There may be something in this: that in seeking variety you may be tempted to try out high calorie foods. As you pass a new cake shop, would you not be just that bit tempted to try out the latest craze such as multi-choc cup cakes?

One of the biggest problems for those who wish to reduce their weight is fighting boredom and this may lead to breaking your diet by starting to snack on typically high calorie foods. To avoid this, perhaps the answer is to train yourself to find other stimulating activities to stop you reaching for that packet of crisps or bar of chocolate. Also, you need a stop-think function when in the supermarket when you find yourself attracted to some new line of food and the warning bell needs to sound to stop you thinking you need a novelty when in reality you don’t. The activities you need are ones that burn calories like walking or swimming.

Hypnotherapy can help you re-frame your attitudes away from novelty foods to self-controlled consumption by giving you the vision of yourself at your target weight. Boredom sounds negative; but you might find that in attempting to fight it with high calorie novelty foods, ‘diet downfall’ is inevitable. Positive images created in the hypnotherapy session can help you effectively manage the destructive effects of boredom.

(Photo by Martin Kirkegaard)

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