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Too fat for your pony!

10:47am, 25/07/13

PonyYou might think the press could not make room for another equine story following the horsemeat saga but you would be wrong. Recently, The Week reported that there are new victims of the obesity crisis and they are horses! However, it is not the gee gees that are stuffing too many oats; it’s their riders who are having excess nosebag.

There are apparently, according to a survey of horse owners in the West Country, some who are too stout to trot and 35% were found to be too heavy, causing their poor steeds back injury or lameness which certainly tots up the vets bills.

Though it is good exercise, no amount of horse riding is going to cancel out an unhealthy diet. And hurting the animal that you should be looking after makes no moral sense. If you are over-weight and feel you cannot be motivated to shape up, it might help to have a rethink especially if your obesity is affecting those around you.

Even if it is not plopping your heavy self on your pony causing pain, it might be your partner or family who are emotionally pained to see you in a negative light. Hypnosis can help you examine how your over-weight self affects others and move you from being a burden to your loved ones to a better place mentally so that you can also see yourself as others want to see you.

A useful technique which can help you to achieve a positive outlook is the ability to visualise in your mind your desired body structure at the appropriate weight. Creative visualisation is well-established as a technique for achieving weight loss goals. For those horse riders, particularly those who want to look good in the ring, Hypnotherapy can help them slip into jodhpurs instead of struggling to pull them up.

(Photo by AndyP UK)

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