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Weight management - regular meals

06:00pm, 01/11/12

Regular meals were a big feature of my childhood 50 years ago and we did not seem to have an obesity epidemic then. Reading Nick Collins article in the Telegraph on 14th September reminded me of the importance of regular meal times which in our busy lifestyles I for one often forget. Citing research from the University of Jerusalem on four groups of mice indicated that adopting a fixed time table for meals could be a better way than trying to cut out fatty foods. It is further suggested that such action could also reduce the risk of becoming obese. So can we do anything to use these ideas?

Changing habits requires commitment but setting regular meal times may not be difficult to implement by planning ahead. Food needs to be readily available in your store cupboards and fridge. The challenge is to co-ordinate activities so they fit around meal times not the other way round and stop snacking.

When faced with a problem of our own making there is a tendency for us to blame others. This perhaps natural response is something I see often when clients start off by wanting to blame other people in their lives for their obesity issues. My strategy is to prioritise helping them to take responsibility for their weight issues. Once that is achieved positive results follow. Similarly I often hear clients saying they donít have breakfasts and by mid morning they are starving so a new way of preventing this is to make sure there is time to sit down and have a breakfast. The answer is regular meals Ė now my wife has just called me for lunch!

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