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Do men care less about their weight?

05:03am, 15/01/14

Unhealthy foodI came across an interesting article in the Daily Mail that reported that although far more men than women are overweight, men are generally far less concerned than women about their increasing waistlines!

A study of 10,000 individuals demonstrated that 68% of men in their 40s were overweight or obese, compared with 49% of women in a similar age group. Interestingly, only 9% of the overweight women were happy with their weight while 30% of the overweight men were comfortable with their weight. Only 41% of the overweight men were endeavouring to reduce their weight compared with 66% of the overweight women.

I am sure the media must take some responsibility for this difference between the sexes. Rarely do we see a TV advert advertising weight reduction programmes for men. Similarly, scan the ‘health and beauty’ shelves in any bookshop and you will mainly see pictures of slender women who have successfully attained that hourglass figure. Very few weight-loss books published have been written specifically for men. In fact, bodybuilding books that advocate gaining muscle mass are far more popular for the male demographic.

In my practice I can confirm a deficit in the number of males that come forward for help with weight management, even though I see a significant number of overweight men who wish to have help with other issues. In the hypnoslim programme which incorporates the use of a hypnotic gastric band to help many clients achieve their desired weight, not one male has enquired or applied to join the programme. Yet when it comes to quitting smoking I see many more males. Similarly, when looking at relationship issues I see an equal number of the sexes.

It would be interesting to research the reason for this discrepancy in more depth. I think one factor is that males tend to be less concerned about preventative health measures than females. Similarly, men are also more reluctant to visit their GPs when they have symptoms which could potentially be an indicator of a serious disease.

Weight control

By not admitting that they are overweight or even clinically obese, they are living with their heads in the sand and refusing to acknowledge the numerous health risks which come with obesity. Health risks include: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and the complications from potentially life saving surgeries which may need be carried out if a significant change of lifestyle does not occur in the immediate future!

The challenge of the Daily Mail study has certainly convinced me that I must redouble my efforts to attract more men to join my highly effective hypnoslim weight management programme.

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