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Common barriers that prevent you from losing weight

06:39pm, 09/04/14

ExerciseWith summer just around the corner, itís natural that we begin to think about how weíre going to look showing off our skin in the warm weather. Trimming down and getting to a healthy body weight not only makes us feel better when we look in the mirror, but can dramatically extend our life expectancy, reducing the risk of obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes. However, as anyone who has tried and failed to improve their diet and exercise regime knows, implementing a habit and sticking to it is no easy task. Here are some of the common barriers that people face when trying to slim down, all of which can be conquered with hypnotherapy:

Fear of working out in public

If youíre overweight and self conscious about it, the thought of working out in tight-fitting gym clothes for all eyes to see is probably one of your worst fears! However, this is one of the most entirely unfounded fears that prevent people from getting in shape. Itís easy to forget that most people arenít concerned with how other people look; theyíre mainly concerned with themselves – this trend is magnified exponentially in a gym or exercise environment. Even if people do look at you, so what? Everyone has to start somewhere and only the most insecure people would judge you for being a beginner trying to better yourself at the gym. Don’t let other people’s judgement stop you. Just think, a few months or years down the line and people will be looking at you for all the right reasons!

Failure to implement a habit in the past

If youíve failed to slim down in the past, have attempted a new diet or fitness regime and not stuck to it, or have problems sticking to things in general, this pattern needs to be broken to allow you to become the person you really desire to be. You might feel downtrodden and hopeless due to your failed attempts in the past, but this does not need to set a precedent for the future. A skilled hypnotherapist will help you to identify the reasons why you failed in the past so that you donít repeat them in the future. During a series of sessions, your hypnotherapist will also help you to associate pleasurable emotions with eating and training correctly. Youíre only human and making mistakes is normal, donít waste your energy beating yourself up over it, save your energy for the treadmill.

Finding the time and energy is tough

If youíre working a stressful 9-5, the last thing you probably feel like doing after you leave the office is heading to the gym. While itís true that in the short run youíre going to feel more knackered, in the long run youíll have much more energy which will in turn make your work days more productive. Hypnotherapy can help to distance you from these short term negative associations and ensure that you keep your eye on the prize (a healthy body). Just think, if you can manage to go to the gym for 3 nights after work every week, imagine how great youíll feel seeing the reading on the weight scale after 3 months.

Working out is boring

Okay, so jogging on a treadmill for x amount of minutes every day is not for everyone, but this doesnít mean you have to turn your back on fitness and throw the baby out with the bath water. Why not try a sport that youíve never previously considered such as indoor rock climbing or perhaps a martial art? The motivation to learn a skill can compound the motivation to get fit, ensuring that you stay on the track with your new routine. Also, youíre going to meet like minded individuals doing these kinds of activities who will encourage you to stay fit and healthy. Having people in your life that reinforce healthy eating and exercise is crucial if you plan to slim down, particularly if there are forces dragging you in the opposite direction at home or at the office.

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