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What is EFT?

Over 20 years ago a psychologist put together parts of the theories and methods of applied kinesiology, eye movements, breathing exercises, affirmations and acupuncture points and developed a way of treating negative emotions, phobias or trauma.

Similar to acupuncture but without the needles. This method is highly effective in reducing the impact of trauma and stressful events. EFT works by tapping lightly with finger tips on meridian lines on the head, face, collar bone, under the arms and hands. This tapping is done simultaneously with the client and therapist stating an aspect of the particular issue. These affirming statements and the tapping cause a release of the negative energy around a particular emotion.

The effect of the technique is calming and allows the client to think more clearly about the issue. In most cases the negative emotion is significantly reduced or simply no longer present.

Gary Craig (www.emofree.com), a Stanford engineer, developed a simplified procedure called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT can easily taught and explained to your client. Because of the surprising effectiveness of these techniques interest in EFT is growing rapidly.

The essence of EFT is removing dysfunctional beliefs which hamper our daily lives and prevent positive emotions from taking control. EFT is a powerful method of reducing stress and anxiety, which can deal with any negative emotion and can be used with any age group. The benefits or EFT are enormous in that it is drug free and rapid and whilst as with all techniques there is no guarantee that this method will work for everyone there is a very high degree of success with EFT. It is also a fast therapy get over food addictions, all types of phobias or severe trauma sometimes even in minutes. The training sessions provides professional power points with demonstrations and supervised experiential exercises so that following the whole course you will leave it ready to practice the very next day.

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